(Frequently Asked Questions)

What type of fertilizer do I use first thing in the Spring?

Answer: Turf builder with a pre-emergent type of fertilizer.


How often should I be watering and for how long?

Answer: This depends on the season the weather. Watering your lawn in the evening can lead to the spread of fungus. In the summer, always water in the early morning.

How do I get rid of those dandelions and other weeds?

Answer: Depends on the type of weed, proper watering produces thick lawns. The thicker your lawn is the less likely it is to have weeds. So make sure you fertilize and water your lawn often. (See above for watering tips.) Bluegrass should not be cut below 2.5 inches and fescue not below 3 inches. Digging up dandelions is best, but time consuming. They can be treated with herbicides.

How often should I Aerate?

Answer: One to Two times per year. Spring is best, Fall 2nd.

How often should I Power Rake?

Answer: With proper water, fertilizer and mowing practices, every 3-5 years. Possibly never.

How often should I Fertilize?

Answer: Every 6-8 weeks.

How do I get rid of yellowing in my lawn in the summer?

Answer: Yellowing is caused by chloises - iron will help to return your lawn to dark green

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